Save time and money while ensuring full compliance for your business.

Say goodbye to headaches and welcome efficient and stress-free business management.

Save time and money while ensuring full compliance for your business.

Say goodbye to headaches and welcome efficient and stress-free business management.

Do you find it difficult to navigate the complex tax system and ensure that you are fully compliant?
See how our Accounting ERP can streamline your financial processes and save you time and money.


For Service Companies in Need of Streamlined Operations

Meet your perfect match: Smartbooks Lite! Designed exclusively for service-based enterprises, this solution is tailor-made to effortlessly manage your business without the complexities of inventory maintenance. Smartbooks Lite excels in showcasing essential core functions such as Purchasing, Sales, Financials, and Treasury, alongside a comprehensive admin module and customer or supplier management capabilities.

Embrace a seamless, hassle-free approach to propel your service company to new heights of efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to manual burdens and embrace the transformative power of Smartbooks Lite to fuel your success.


For Retail and Distribution Companies in Search of Inventory Management

Discover your ideal solution: Smartbooks Premium! Tailored specifically to cater to the needs of retail and distribution businesses, this platform is designed to revolutionize your inventory management. Say goodbye to the complexities of manual tracking, as Smartbooks Premium offers fixed asset module to monitor depreciation schedules seamlessly. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of batch and serial management features, ensuring precise control and efficiency in your operations


For Production, Construction, and Expanding Enterprises

Elevate your business to new heights with the latest Smartbooks Cloud Solution, tailor-made for production, construction, and other growing ventures. Embrace the power of Smartbooks Cloud ERP, equipped with a cutting-edge production module to monitor bill of materials, and seamlessly track budgets, ensuring precision and efficiency in every step of your projects. What’s more, enjoy the convenience of unlimited branch management, providing you with the flexibility to expand without limits. And to top it all off, experience unparalleled performance with higher cloud server capacity, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless experience as your business soars to new horizons.

Hosted on AWS

Branch Management

Batch & Serial Number Management

Invoice to Email

BIR dat.file Reports

Flexible for your Business

Smartbooks Lite (₱1,499/mo)Smartbooks Premium
Smartbooks Cloud ERP
Standard Modules & Features
Financials & Treasury
Sales & Purchasing
Customer & Supplier
Standard forms & reports
BIR add-on
All in Lite +
Fixed Assets
All in Premium +
3 client-specific forms
Optional featuresBank reconciliation
Invoice-sent-to-email feature
PayFactor integration (if applicable)
All in Lite +
Batch & serial management
5 Branches
All in Premium +
Unlimited Branches
Sales & Collection App
Cloud InfrastructurePublic cloud server
1GB database capacity provision
Public cloud server
1GB database capacity provision
Semi-private cloud server
5GB database capacity provision

Note: Cloud infrastructure is subject to annual assessment and may require client to purchase additional server capacity


Check out what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience with our products and services in these testimonials.


"We found Smartbooks as the closest replacement to our existing accounting software. It was the product that we wanted at the price that we could afford. I particularly commend the support team for the roll out of this new cloud based accounting system and our migration from [old system] because they were very attentive to our needs and were always available to assist us."

- Finance Director, Team Asia

"Smartbooks give us one place to track our daily business transactions. They have this feature that one form can be linked to its succeeding recording forms. For instance, when you make a quotation for one of your clients, you can link this quotation to its corresponding sales order and then to its shipment document and invoice. Most importantly, their technical support is always ready to assist you."

- Ms. Chai, Cebu Delta

"Integrating Smartbooks into our daily operations has saved a lot of time on manual processing.
Using Smartbooks’ standardized functions, fewer processing errors are being seen, and user errors are minimized. Smartbooks’ standard reports have also helped generate data quicker while still flexible enough to create customized, company-focused reports.
With Smartbooks being a local product, LICA has had no trouble conforming to the local governing bodies’ rules and regulations. All in all, Smartbooks is a competent tool to have in pursuing a more digital, efficient, and standard workflow."

- ERP Manager, LICA Group of Companies 


"As a start-up business struggling to find a system that is highly effective but affordable, Smartbooks has been a blessing from the heavens. Data recorded are very organized and systematic, even under minimal supervision. I am sometimes baffled at how Smartbooks could sometimes be smarter than me."

- Accounting Manager, SJ Conso


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